Yes! You Can Start Your Garden in the Late Spring

Is it too late to start a garden now? Can you start a garden in June? 

The good news is that you can start a garden (almost) any time! 

The bad news is that you can't grow absolutely every crop if you're starting now.

If you only recently decided you want to garden, here's how you can get it going for a good harvest this year! And by all means, yes, start your garden! 

How Much Growing Time Remains?

You need to know your...

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I'm a Complete Beginner - Where Do I Start?

Every once in a while I see a plea for help from a complete beginner, who has never gardened before in online forums. 

  • I've never gardened before! I'm a complete beginner!
  • I have NO IDEA where to begin!
  • This will be my first garden ever!
  • How do I start gardening?

It's courageous when someone jumps in, admits they're starting from scratch, and looks for help. And we always need more gardeners, so I'm happy to help however I...

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Welcome to Till and Trowel's Garden Blog

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." 
Walt Disney

Hi, I'm Lauren.

I guess you could say, I know a thing or two about gardening. I've been gardening in the Overland Park Community Garden for 9 years. I always get compliments on my plot because it's beautiful, neat, and crazy productive.

Why don't the other plots look as nice as mine? Because it takes some effort and planning. And once...

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