Yes! You Can Start Your Garden in the Late Spring

Is it too late to start a garden now? Can you start a garden in June? 

The good news is that you can start a garden (almost) any time! 

The bad news is that you can't grow absolutely every crop if you're starting now.

If you only recently decided you want to garden, here's how you can get it going for a good harvest this year! And by all means, yes, start your garden! 

How Much Growing Time Remains?

You need to know your...

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Top Three Reasons it is So Important to Plan Out Your Vegetable Garden

Planning a garden is not glamorous.

We always want to do!  We want to dive right in!

Nature doesn't plan, so why should we? Right?

No, that's not right. We plan because we want to succeed. 

You grow a vegetable garden because you want a harvest. If you commit your time, work and money to cultivate a garden, a plan helps you achieve the harvest. A plan helps you be successful. A plan even helps you...

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When to Plant: Part 2. Planting Dates

Now that you know your zone, you can use it to determine the average date in the spring when you will get a freeze.


OK, let me explain that sentence. 

A freeze is when the outdoor temperature hits below 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower (0 degrees Celsius).

Of course, that's the magical temperature when water freezes to ice. 

A freeze is the threshold for survival many vegetable and flower plants in cold...

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