Community Garden Gardening

If you have a yard, you may wonder if gardening in a community garden makes sense. Why pay to rent a plot when you have space on your own?

Let's compare.


A garden at your home wins hands-down for convenience. You can go to your garden whenever you want and pick fresh produce right before you use it! That's as fresh as you can get - best flavor and most nutrition.

However, your yard may not have the best conditions for a...

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Garden Essentials: Access to Water

This week's topic is a little more applicable to gardens that are not close to your house or building. Your garden is located somewhere else: you rent a plot at a community garden or your plot is located far from the house. 

All gardens are going to need to water during the growing season. Rainwater is best, but it is not delivered reliably. You can have periods of drought and it can wipe out your vegetable garden. Your...

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