How to Grow Beets

Beets are an easy crop to grow and in the last decade or so, they've become more popular on the plates in American homes and restaurants.

Beets are a root vegetable. Their binomial name is "beta vulgaris," which basically means "common beet." Curiously, Swiss chard also has the binomial name "beta vulgaris," because they are closely related. They originated from the same plant subspecies centuries ago. 

Beets are easy...

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Succession Planting - How to Extend Your Harvest

Succession planting is a wonderful technique for the home garden. It's a way to enjoy fresh-picked vegetables from your garden for a longer period of time. 

When you plant all of your seeds for a crop at the same time, they all get started at about the same time and they also become ready for harvest all at once.

This is great if you want all of your harvest at one time, but if you're gardening for fresh eating, you may become...

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Gardener's Mindset: Stack the Odds in Your Favor

Starting small and starting with crops that are very likely to succeed in your area is a great approach. There is so much to learn and experience in gardening, starting with easy crops takes one variable out of the equation.

Planning for Success

Everyone has their opinion which are easy to grow... but if you ask a number of people, websites, and Google, you'll notice some common suggestions.

Find a mentor and follow their...

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