Growing Great Tomatoes: Supports

Tomatoes need support to grow their best. Even determinate tomatoes do better with support.

Supporting tomatoes with a structure helps tomatoes produce well. More air flows through the supported tomato vine which helps reduce plant diseases and discourages pests. Tomato fruits are off the ground and less likely to rot. A supported tomato vine is easier to tend and easier to harvest.

So which kind of support is best? 

Many many tomato...

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Plant Supports and Ties

Plant supports is an important topic even though it may not seem very exciting! When you have a question about plant supports, you need an answer right now. This is a relatively long post and I hope the details it provides will help you and your garden!

Plant supports are the structures we use in our garden to direct the growth of our plants. Often gardeners purchase supports, but home made supports can also work well. 


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