Growing Great Tomatoes: Planting Transplants

I prefer to use transplants for tomatoes.

Most often I buy the transplants at a garden center. Some years, I have started my own transplants from seed indoors when I've wanted a variety that may be hard to find at the garden center. I only grow 6 to 8 tomato plants so buying transplants is not all that expensive. If you're growing dozens or hundreds of tomatoes, though, starting your own form seed is more cost-effective!

For most gardeners in...

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Nine Lessons from a Rookie Canner

canning preserving tomato Oct 20, 2021

If you would have told me when I first started growing in the community garden that one day I'd be canning my abundant harvest, how I would have laughed!

Ugh, too much work! In modern times, there's no need. Canned vegetables are cheap, safe, and abundant at the grocery store. And they taste pretty good, too!

Yet, when you have an abundant harvest, you are faced with a decision what to with it all. Preserving it is one solution, and...

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3 Ideas To Use Up Tomatoes

recipes tomato tomatoes Sep 09, 2021

Do you find yourself with "too many" tomatoes?

Maybe you remember your parents or grandparents canning the abundance of the tomato harvest. Canning is still alive and well in the US, but it takes a lot of work, special equipment and a good chunk of time. It can also be messy. If you're going to do it, you might as well have at least 20 pounds of tomatoes and plan for a half a day to get it done. 

Those of us with small plots...

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