Community Garden Gardening

If you have a yard, you may wonder if gardening in a community garden makes sense. Why pay to rent a plot when you have space on your own?

Let's compare.


A garden at your home wins hands-down for convenience. You can go to your garden whenever you want and pick fresh produce right before you use it! That's as fresh as you can get - best flavor and most nutrition.

However, your yard may not have the best conditions for a...

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Garden Essentials: Sunlight and Location

garden site sunlight Mar 02, 2022

The importance of direct sunlight on your garden plot cannot be emphasized enough. Most vegetables require at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to thrive. People sometimes rationalize that 5 hours or 4 hours will do. 

Anything less than 6 hours per day is simply not good enough. Without abundant light, your plants may continue to grow, but they won’t thrive. They will not give you the results you want....

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Lessons from 2020: Sunlight

The most significant lesson I learned in the 2020 garden is about sunlight. I did not manage it well and some of my crops suffered as a result.

What Went Wrong

The underlying theme of my problems with sunlight was that I grew some tall vegetables and flowers in rows that ran north and south.

Because the sun moves across the sky from east to west, in the morning, all of these tall plants would cast a shadow to the west,...

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