Top Three Reasons it is So Important to Plan Out Your Vegetable Garden

Planning a garden is not glamorous.

We always want to do!  We want to dive right in!

Nature doesn't plan, so why should we? Right?

No, that's not right. We plan because we want to succeed. 

You grow a vegetable garden because you want a harvest. If you commit your time, work and money to cultivate a garden, a plan helps you achieve the harvest. A plan helps you be successful. A plan even helps you...

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Reflecting on the 2021 Growing Season

When your growing season is coming to a close, it's always a great exercise to reflect on how the season went, what you learned, and what you would change next year. 

It doesn't need to be a formal project - just take some time and think about the season from the beginning. Think about each crop. Jot down a few notes to yourself for next year.

Ask yourself questions like these:

  • How did this crop do for me this season?
    • Did I...
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Wild Successes in My 2020 Garden

Yes, I've encouraged gardeners to celebrate their successes, so here are some my best gardening wins this year.

Success #1: Cucumbers!

I grew 8 cucumber vines this season, and holy cow they did terrific! They grew quickly and robustly in the late spring/early summer. By July I was picking cucumbers like crazy. 

All those cucumbers made me realize two things:

  1. 8 plants produce way too much for two people...
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Gardener's Mindset: Stack the Odds in Your Favor

Starting small and starting with crops that are very likely to succeed in your area is a great approach. There is so much to learn and experience in gardening, starting with easy crops takes one variable out of the equation.

Planning for Success

Everyone has their opinion which are easy to grow... but if you ask a number of people, websites, and Google, you'll notice some common suggestions.

Find a mentor and follow their...

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Prepare for Opening Day - How to Prepare the Soil

I believe that preparing the soil is very important for a successful community garden plot. I complete one major soil prep process at the beginning of the planting season and then only work the soil in sections as I plant crops later in the season.

This article will show you how to prepare the soil at the beginning of the season. 


The purpose of soil prep is to "fluff up" the soil, remove weeds, and incorporate...

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