Community Garden Gardening

If you have a yard, you may wonder if gardening in a community garden makes sense. Why pay to rent a plot when you have space on your own?

Let's compare.


A garden at your home wins hands-down for convenience. You can go to your garden whenever you want and pick fresh produce right before you use it! That's as fresh as you can get - best flavor and most nutrition.

However, your yard may not have the best conditions for a...

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Improve Your Soil for Next Year

Gardeners are always thinking ahead! This growing season isn't quite over yet, and here we are thinking about 2023. 

Improving your soil organically takes some time, and we have time before we're ready to plant next spring. So what can we do?

Adding purchased compost to a garden

Add Compost

I think this is the easiest and most important way to improve your soil. 

Simply apply a layer of compost and turn the soil to mix it in....

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Three Strategies to Step Up Your Gardening Game

Did you grow a vegetable garden in 2020? 

Gardening was an actual trend in 2020, thanks to the pandemic. In fact, Google reports that "how to start a vegetable garden" was searched twice as much in 2020 than 2019." (from Google Trends {} "A Year in Search 2020," downloaded 12/28/20).

In late March, NPR reported that people planted more vegetable gardens because they were worried about shortages. Breck's, a plant...

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