Spun Polyester Row Covers

Spun polyester is a type of garden fabric that can be used to help your garden succeed when conditions are not ideal. It is a white fabric that is placed over crops to protect them. 

In this article, I'll use the term "spun polyester" to mean any type of white, light and water permeable plant protector fabric. This type of fabric is made from a polyester or any number of similar materials.

Benefits of Spun Polyester

It is useful to the...

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New Plants in 2020: What I Learned

At the end of the season, I always review how the season went and what I would like to do differently next year. 

New Garden Goals for 2020

This year was very different than previous years for me in the community garden. For the past 9 growing seasons, I had led a team that grew produce for a local food pantry. Our main goal was to grow as much produce as possible.

This year, the plot became mine only and my goal was...

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How to Deal with Pests in the Garden

If you like vegetables, you can bet that animals and insects like them too. And this is is why we have garden pests.

Since I am an organic gardener, pest control is not exactly easy. I prefer not to use insecticides for the bugs or poisons for the small animals. Nevertheless, there are many things you can do to protect your vegetables to avoid problems with pests. I choose a multi-faceted approach.

Chicken wire fence...
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