How to Grow Onions

I've not been super-successful growing onions in the past, but then, I never really dug in and learned how to grow them well. 

In this article, I'll share what I've learned about growing onions, and we'll both have a great crop this year! 

This turned into a long article - if you want the summary, scroll to the bottom.


Types of Onions

Onions are an old, old crop. Humans have been cultivating onions for at least...

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My Most Frustrating Crop of 2021

I admit, I don't know everything about growing vegetables. I do have experience and experience helps a lot, but there's always something to learn. 

This year, I was exasperated by onions! Onions are supposed to be easy to grow, but I just didn't get it. My crop failed, and I was frustrated. 

What's happening to my onions?
(Onion tops in the foreground)

My Incorrect Growing Method

I planted my onions in...

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