Seeds for Next Year

People who garden in small plots usually find themselves with seeds left over at the end of the season. 

It's a good idea to have some extra seeds on hand when you're planting, just in case you need to replant. But once the planting window for a particular crop is over, you may find an extra half packet or more remaining.

So what do you do with those seeds? 

Last Year's Seeds

There's nothing wrong with keeping your extra...

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How Old is "Too Old?" (for Seeds)

I think I'll stick with the topic of seeds for a few weeks. Last week, I posted a tutorial about reading a seed packet, and because of the length of the tutorial, I didn't get into much depth about some of the details. 

The "Packed For" Date

Seed packets (sold to consumers like you and me) are supposed to have on them some indication of their age - this is usually done with "packed for <year>" printed on the package. It should...

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