How to Enjoy Your Garden Even More: Part 4 of 4

Gardening Enriches Your Life

Pursuing a garden is a human activity that enriches your life.

Over this month I've offered many aspects of how it enriches your life, and of course there are many other dimensions. To recap:

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How to Enjoy Your Garden Even More: Part 3 of 4

Gardening is Spiritual

Gardening is a way to become intimately involved with the natural world. In today’s human-made world, many of us feel like something is “missing,” and we look to nature for answers.

When growing plants and tending them, you become a part of the rhythm of life. You can't help but notice how life cycles work in nature - rain, sunlight, severe weather, temperature, death, and new life. People interpret it...

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How to Enjoy Your Garden Even More: Part 2 of 4

We continue our deep dive to increase your enjoyment (and satisfaction) of your garden. By understanding your values and your motivations for gardening, you will enjoy your garden even more!

Last week we considered how Gardening is Good for Everyone.  

  • Why it's good for you
  • Why it's good for community

This week, let's look at the impact of your home garden or garden plot on the environment. 

Gardening is...

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How to Enjoy Your Garden Even More: Part 1 of 4

What's the point in growing vegetables?

From an economic standpoint (in the United States), it just doesn't make sense.

Growing vegetables for yourself in a home garden will never give you cheaper produce. Commercial farmers have made their growing, harvesting, and processing procedures so efficient that we enjoy inexpensive, high quality (mostly), abundant vegetables. 

Your home-canned tomatoes will never cost you only $0.98...

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Gardener's Mindset: Stack the Odds in Your Favor

Starting small and starting with crops that are very likely to succeed in your area is a great approach. There is so much to learn and experience in gardening, starting with easy crops takes one variable out of the equation.

Planning for Success

Everyone has their opinion which are easy to grow... but if you ask a number of people, websites, and Google, you'll notice some common suggestions.

Find a mentor and follow their...

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Gardener's Mindset: Celebrate Your Successes

Most beginner gardeners have at least a few successes every season. It's important to celebrate those successes, and who is better to celebrate with you than other gardeners! Other gardeners "get it" in a way that non-gardeners don't.

As human beings, we are tempted to focus on what went wrong. Of course we need to troubleshoot problems and strive to do things better! The problem arises when the problems are all you see....

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Gardener's Mindset: Building Resilience

Gardening has its ups and downs. You can't control everything about your garden; the weather and the pests are going to do what they're going to do. This uncertainty is part of what makes gardening interesting and what makes successes feel so good.

When you have a gardening success, you have conquered nature, itself!

(well, sort of)

As a new gardener, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the variables in gardening. There's so much to...

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