Urban Homesteading - Hydroponics at Home (Part 2)

This is the second in a two-part series about Hydroponics at Home for the Urban Homesteader.

I was very careful to post disclaimers on my previous article from last week. Please click this link for the disclaimers, but here's the one-sentence version:

  • This article is not intended to sell you the Tower Garden; I'm writing about it because it's interesting. 

OK, that's out of the way.

Rock Wool for the Tower Garden - 4...

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Urban Homesteading - Hydroponics at Home (Part 1)

A second way you can grow your own food when you don't have land suitable for a traditional garden is through home hydroponic systems. 

Yes, they make home-sized hydroponics growing systems! Technology, right?

Let's explore hydroponics for the home.  But first....

Disclaimer: This article focuses on the Tower Garden by Juice Plus. It is one hydroponic system brand; other designs and brands are available. I am...

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Urban Homesteading - Gardening When You Live in the City

Homesteading is having a moment right now. 

I have a few ideas why it's trending. People want

  • More control over how they get their food
  • More control over what's in their food
  • Healthier food full of nutrients, not chemicals
  • To produce food in a sustainable way - reduce the environmental impact of large-scale farming
  • To connect with the natural world

Yes and yes! If you're reading this article, this is resonating with you,...

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Living with the Land - Video from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida


Last week, I took a vacation to DisneyWorld in Orlando, FL. January is a good time to go because it is a refreshing break from the cold here near Kansas City. In January, it is also not very busy. This year, Covid-19 pandemic reduced the crowds further. 

I really enjoy Epcot and one of my favorite spots is The Land pavilion. One of their attractions is a boat tour of some of their greenhouses. Certainly not a...

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