Growing Great Tomatoes: Water and Fertilizer

To get the best tomatoes, pay attention to watering and fertilizing your tomato plants.

Watering Tomato Plants in Your Garden

Tomatoes need a good amount of water, and they produce better with deep watering. Deep watering is when the water sinks deep into the soil, not just remaining at the surface. How you apply irrigation water does impact how deep the water will get. 

Some guides have advised that tomatoes need about 1 inch of water...

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Reservoirs for Better Tomatoes


Tomatoes can be a bit tricky to grow. They require lots of nutrients (i.e. fertilizer) and lots of water, but not too much, and not all at once. The temperature at night has to be "just so" or they'll drop their flowers. They need lots of sun, except when it's too much sun and your tomatoes gets scalded! 

Rather particular, aren't they?

I love tomatoes so much that I'll deal with their quirks. 

While we can't...

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