Preserving an Abundance of Peppers in the Freezer

Year after year, I find myself with an abundance of peppers at the end of the growing season. Peppers are a warm-weather crop, but once they're established, they continue to grow in the cool weather of early fall as long as the temperature doesn't get down to freezing. 

Pepper plants do not tolerate even a light freeze, so when it freezes, the plants and the peppers are done.

Freezing your extra peppers...

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How to Freeze Greens

This season I planted a lot more spinach than I need for fresh eating. I intended to grow enough to freeze and have on hand. I use frozen spinach in my cooking regularly, and I figured that I might as well freeze some of it from my own harvest.

I just froze my first batch of about a pound of spinach. I hope to get more!

The process described in this article can be followed for most greens (except lettuce). Notes for specific...

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