Ornamental Vegetables

We mostly grow vegetables to eat, but did you know you can grow certain vegetables for their looks?

Ornamental vegetables provide color to containers and landscape. In the northern United States, we really can't grow flowers in winter because of the freezing temperatures. Some vegetables can tolerate the cold well,and growers have developed beautiful varieties to be enjoyed in fall and winter.

Let's look at some common winter ornamental...

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Urban Homesteading - Container Gardening

One of the most important aspects of homesteading is gardening to grow your own food. If you live in an urban or suburban environment, you might not have suitable land for a traditional garden.

Do not despair! You still can grow your own food, even if you don't have land. You can grow in containers.

Plants are adaptable and can thrive when grown in containers. The hardest part is deciding how to make it work...

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Urban Homesteading - Gardening When You Live in the City

Homesteading is having a moment right now. 

I have a few ideas why it's trending. People want

  • More control over how they get their food
  • More control over what's in their food
  • Healthier food full of nutrients, not chemicals
  • To produce food in a sustainable way - reduce the environmental impact of large-scale farming
  • To connect with the natural world

Yes and yes! If you're reading this article, this is resonating with you,...

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Must-Have Herbs to Grow Fresh

People don't always think of herbs when thinking about putting in a garden. If you cook at home, growing herbs is one of the easiest ways to get a "return" on your gardening. 

The price of fresh herbs at the grocery store is outrageous. I understand why they the price is high - most herbs are low-volume sellers and they end up throwing out much of their herbs when they go bad. The higher price compensates for the waste. For $3...

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