Community Garden Gardening

If you have a yard, you may wonder if gardening in a community garden makes sense. Why pay to rent a plot when you have space on your own?

Let's compare.


A garden at your home wins hands-down for convenience. You can go to your garden whenever you want and pick fresh produce right before you use it! That's as fresh as you can get - best flavor and most nutrition.

However, your yard may not have the best conditions for a...

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Choosing the Right Plot Size

Community gardens sometimes offer a choice of plot sizes. 

If you're a new gardener or even new to community gardens, I recommend you start with a smaller plot. It's a trial - maybe you won't like gardening in a community garden (although I can't imagine why, ha, ha, ha!).

My first community garden plot was a "half plot" measuring 10 feet long by 4 feet wide.

This is 40 square feet. One person can manage 40 square feet...

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