Join a Community Garden Next Year

If you aren't a community garden gardener yet and you want to be, it's time to start doing some research. 

This is the time because many community gardens start leasing out their open plots at the beginning of the year. It's good to be ready ahead of time!

You need to:

  • Find the community gardens in your area. 
  • Check out their websites or contact the garden manager to find out the requirements for membership.
  • If you meet those...
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Community Garden Confidential - a Free webinar from Till and Trowel

Mostly I blog about garden skills, community garden facts, garden results and harvests, etc. 

This week, I'm taking a moment to tell you about my upcoming webinar called "Community Garden Confidential." 

First of all, it's free! I'm offering it on two dates. Click one of the dates below to sign up!

I developed this webinar for a couple...

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How a Community Garden Works

If you don't know much about community gardens, I think you will find this post helpful. Sorry it's a bit long. 

I will explain how a community garden typically works.

A community garden is usually run by a board or committee. They have established procedures for how the garden runs, including their administration of the property, how people become members, and how members conduct themselves. Sometimes the board/committee is part of...

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Finding a Community Garden

You've decided you might like to try gardening? That's great!

Have you considered gardening in a community garden? They're public spaces where people can rent or lease a small section of land (a "plot") and they can plant and tend a garden in the plot!

More on how a community garden works later... first you need to locate a community garden near you.

Many towns and cities have public community gardens. Yours probably does and you might not...

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