Seeds for Next Year

People who garden in small plots usually find themselves with seeds left over at the end of the season. 

It's a good idea to have some extra seeds on hand when you're planting, just in case you need to replant. But once the planting window for a particular crop is over, you may find an extra half packet or more remaining.

So what do you do with those seeds? 

Last Year's Seeds

There's nothing wrong with keeping your extra...

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Six Beautiful Seed Catalogs

I'm a little surprised I haven't gotten any seed catalogs yet. I mean... it's December and everything seems to get pushed earlier and earlier every year.  Seed catalogs traditionally show up the last week of December through early January.

Have you received any in the mail yet?

Here are some catalogs I particularly like. Why not follow a link, join the mailing list, and try a new seed company?

Johnny's Selected Seeds

Request their...

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