Getting Ready to Plant: Marking Rows

Marking rows seems like a simple procedure - it almost seems like overkill, really. 

Planting in rows makes your garden orderly and beautiful. It also helps you space your plants for optimal production; additionally, it helps you recover if seeds don't sprout, if a critter sheared off your seedlings, or if your starter plant bites the dust. 

These things really happen! 

What is a "Row?"

Since you have your fence...

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Finding a Community Garden

You've decided you might like to try gardening? That's great!

Have you considered gardening in a community garden? They're public spaces where people can rent or lease a small section of land (a "plot") and they can plant and tend a garden in the plot!

More on how a community garden works later... first you need to locate a community garden near you.

Many towns and cities have public community gardens. Yours probably does and you might not...

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