Top Three Reasons You Should Join a Community Garden

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2020

A community garden is a treasure and you should get a plot in the garden, if you can. If you already have a plot, great – don’t let it go!

So many benefits to the gardener and the community.

I can think of reasons people might not want or like a community garden, but these are temporary drawbacks that can be fixed. I’ll talk about them later.

The three top reasons to join your community garden:

#1: Your Own Veggies

Grow your...

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Finding a Community Garden

You've decided you might like to try gardening? That's great!

Have you considered gardening in a community garden? They're public spaces where people can rent or lease a small section of land (a "plot") and they can plant and tend a garden in the plot!

More on how a community garden works later... first you need to locate a community garden near you.

Many towns and cities have public community gardens. Yours probably does and you might not...

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Welcome to Till and Trowel's Garden Blog

"The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing." 
Walt Disney

Hi, I'm Lauren.

I guess you could say, I know a thing or two about gardening. I've been gardening in the Overland Park Community Garden for 9 years. I always get compliments on my plot because it's beautiful, neat, and crazy productive.

Why don't the other plots look as nice as mine? Because it takes some effort and planning. And once...

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