Gift Ideas for Gardeners

It's a gift-giving time of year! I don't know about you, but I'm always on the lookout for unique, beautiful, practical, and clever items to give to loved ones.

If your gift recipient is a gardener, we can help.

Maybe you'll even find a few things to add to your own wish list!

If you see something you like though, order as soon as you can! This year with supply chain problems and shipping and mailing issues, your gift may not arrive quickly. 

Disclaimer: I haven't personally tested all of these products, so be sure to check out online reviews and decide for yourself. I also don't have any financial interest in these products or companies (except for one, as noted). I just like the products and I thought you would too. 

Here we go!

Unique Online Shops for Garden Gifts

These online stores have creative, beautiful, and downright cool garden gifts!


Tools and Supplies 

Hole-Digging Drill Bit

If you plant a lot of bulbs or transplants, this set of two drill bits will make the work so much easier! Reading the reviews, the drill bits work best in 

Twine Holder

Having twine on hand whenever you need it is a luxury. Check out this attractive twine holder with scissors. After you check this twine holder out, click the link for Sungmor Store.  

Collapsible gardening bag

It's always helpful to have a bag or bucket on hand. This collapsible container doesn't take up much room, but it can hold a lot! 

Bamboo Plant Tags/Labels

If you've read the Till and Trowel blog, you probably know I think Plant Tags are essential. It's easy to forget which crop was planted where, and you might forget what the exact variety was. Label your plantings well, and the problem is solved! 

When your labels are pretty and eco-friendly, well, what's stopping you?

Seed Packet Storage Container

Gardeners tend to accumulate packets of seeds. Often you don't use up all the seeds in a packet, and you want to save it for next year. 

How you store your seeds is a matter of personal preference. Till and Trowel offers this downloadable guide for three popular methods of storing seed packets. Get your copy here:


One of the ideas in the above guide is a do-it-yourself seed packet storage box. If you're a little crafty, this is great gift (or for yourself). This box has all the qualities of a  perfect seed storage box! 


Bulbs to Grow Indoors

It's tough for gardeners to go through the dark winter months without growing something. Forcing bulbs indoors is a great way to "garden" in the off season. Colorful blooms brighten any home. 

Personally, I love giving bulbs like these to my older family members. They are practically foolproof to grow and fresh blooms bring such a special cheer.

The most popular bulbs are Amaryllis, Paper Whites, and Hyacinths. Have you considered Tulip, Daffodil, Grape Hyacinth, Crocus, or Dwarf Miniature Iris?

Tip: Buy bulbs that are intended to be forced inside. Many bulbs require a period of cold to bloom and the provider will have already done the cold period. More likely you'll be successful. 

Tip: When it comes to bulbs, you get what you pay for. More expensive bulbs tend to be larger and they deliver superior blooms. 

Here are some sources online, although garden centers probably offer nice selections as well: 

You can buy the bulbs only, or bulbs preplanted in a pretty pot. If you are buying the bulbs only, you can pick out a stylish pot to plant them in.  

Did you find something you love? I sure hope so - I love it when you find just the right gift for a loved one!

Happy gifting, 2021!


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