Community Garden Confidential - a Free webinar from Till and Trowel

Mostly I blog about garden skills, community garden facts, garden results and harvests, etc. 

This week, I'm taking a moment to tell you about my upcoming webinar called "Community Garden Confidential." 

First of all, it's free! I'm offering it on two dates. Click one of the dates below to sign up!

I developed this webinar for a couple of reasons. First, I want to help people understand community gardens a little more. I think they're wonderful places to garden, and I wanted to help get the word out. 

Second, I have been developing an online course for community gardeners. Other kinds of gardeners are welcome, of course! During the webinar, I'm introducing the course and providing an overview.

Agenda for Community Garden Confidential

Here are the topics I'll discuss during the webinar.

  1. Different types of community gardens and the kind of garden you're looking for
  2. Three strategies to find the community garden near you
  3. The three most important things you'll need to know about your community garden
  4. How to apply for a plot
  5. A special offer to help you create the most beautiful plot in the garden

I plan to speak for about 45 minutes, and then open it up for questions.

I hope you will sign up and attend!

How to Sign Up

Click on this link to choose your session and sign up.

Once you sign up, I'll send out reminders before the webinar. About 15-20 minutes before the webinar, I'll email out the link to access it. This is why you have to sign up. 

It's a Zoom webinar. hopefully you already have the free Zoom software to watch it on your 

More About the Offer

This online course is called The Garden Plan Workshop.

This course will help you step through the process I use to plan my community garden plot. You will learn how to:

  • Join your community garden
  • Set your goal for your plot - so you’ll plant the right things in the right quantities
  • Select your crops and determine how much to grow
  • Create a beautiful and highly-productive plot using Till and Trowel’s Grid planting method

The price for this course is $147.00, which provides access to the course and all of its resources. 

I'm offering special deal for webinar attendees who pre-order within 3 days of the webinar. 

Is an Online Workshop Like This Really Needed?

I think so.

Every year, we get new gardeners in our community garden. They start out at full speed, but some of them eventually lose interest. Some even abandon their plots. 

I think that's sad. I don't know what it was that made them become disappointed or overwhelmed. Maybe life happened and they don't have the time they thought they would. Maybe they didn't realize how much work gardening can be. Maybe they were discouraged from something gone wrong, like a crop eaten by pests. Or maybe they chose plants that didn't do well. 

It makes me sad because they would likely walk away from the garden thinking, "Oh, I can't garden, I have a black thumb." 

No, there's no such thing as a black thumb. Gardening is a set of skills that can be learned. 

I wonder if they had some guidance and help, maybe they would have done better. Then they would have enjoyed it more. Then they'd become gardeners!

I made this course and this webinar to try to help people like that out. 

You know, if you look on the Internet for help on how to garden in a community garden, you really can't find that much. You can find a lot of information on how to start a community garden. But that's not very helpful for a gardener who wants to succeed in a community garden.  

If any of this resonates, I hope that you will sign up for a webinar and join me. I'd love to see you there!


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