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You absolutely can create your own
wildly productive community garden plot.

What if your plot were the stand out plot in the garden?
Imagine if your garden gave you more fresh vegetables than you ever thought possible!

Till and Trowel Blog

Are you a little disappointed with your garden? Just getting started in a community garden?

You can have a lot more fun with a little more know-how.

Till and Trowel Blog

"Black Thumb?"


There's no such thing as a "black thumb." You can grow an abundant garden.

Do I have a black thumb?

All the Freebies

We've offered some outstanding freebies over the years. 

Here's a page with our freebies all listed out. Click the button below.

I Love Freebies!

Seed Storage Box

You've invested in garden seeds - you need to keep them protected and organized.
Make your own seed storage box with our downloadable instruction booklet.

Buy the Do-It-Yourself Seed Box Instructions

Free Garden Download!

Shrink Plastic Plant Labels

This is a fun and practical DIY project! Make your own plant labels. Download the PDF that includes supply list, templates, and instructions!

Yes, please!

What's your "why?"

Maybe you want to teach your kids or grandkids where food really comes from. Maybe you want to be certain about the quality of your own food. Maybe you want to try canning and preserving your own produce. In your community garden plot, you can do it.  

Think you can't?

Think again! The plants know what to do - your job is to create the environment that lets them flourish. And it's not hard to do. 


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